A Marvel Snap tier listing for playing cards is an fascinating prospect, since you’re restricted to 12 playing cards per deck regardless of the large variety of playing cards within the sport. Whereas our listing of the very best Marvel Snap decks covers a number of the most meta decklists within the sport proper now, this tier listing for the favored card sport seems at particular person playing cards and their energy by themselves, or maybe when utilized in a combo with one or two others.

We’ve additionally obtained separate tier lists for all three swimming pools within the sport proper now. Pool one is the place you’ll be for those who’re simply entering into the sport and has probably the most quantity of playing cards, whereas swimming pools two and three come afterward, whenever you’ve risen significantly in assortment degree. So with out additional ado, right here is our full Marvel Snap tier listing for each card within the sport proper now.

Marvel Snap tier list: The collection in-game

Marvel Snap Pool 1 tier listing

Pool 1 options some staple playing cards, and takes place from assortment ranges 1-218. Finishing this set of playing cards could look like a mammoth process proper now, however whenever you begin incomes credit, it goes by fairly shortly. In case you prioritise the dearer card upgrades straight away, you possibly can climb a number of assortment ranges directly.

1-cost tier listing

Playing cards
S Tier Nightcrawler, Elektra, Korg, Ant-Man
A Tier Mantis, Nova, Rocket Raccoon
B Tier Angel, Blade, Iron Fist, Hawkeye, Yondu
C Tier Squirrel Lady
D Tier Quicksilver, Misty Knight

Some 1-cost playing cards are very deck-dependent – you’ll solely wish to run Iron Fist in a motion deck or Angel in a destroy deck, for instance – however others, like these within the S Tier right here, are appropriate for just about any archetype for those who’re on the lookout for one thing strong.

Nightcrawler is presumably the very best 1-drop within the sport due to his capability to vary location, whereas Elektra is greatest used when held onto for max worth as a substitute of sticking it down on the primary flip with no goal. Korg’s rock helps to dilute your opponent’s deck, which is important right here since in most video games, solely a few playing cards are left in every deck by the tip, and Ant-Man will get a severe buff for those who refill a location, which is a simple requisite to finish.

Additional down the listing options barely weaker 1-drops which can be much more deck-specific, however it doesn’t matter what, you don’t wish to run Quicksilver or Misty Knight. Quicksilver means you’re /much less/ possible to attract the combo playing cards you should pull off your win situation, whereas Misty Knight has no skills and due to this fact no upside over Nightcrawler, Mantis, Rocket Raccoon, Korg, all of whom have the identical stats and a capability.

2-cost tier listing

Playing cards
S Tier A number of Man, Carnage
A Tier Angela, Armor, Wolverine, Sentinel
B Tier Cable, Scarlet Witch, Colossus, Medusa, Star Lord
C Tier Forge, Lizard, Mister Sinister
D Tier Domino, Shocker

A number of Man and Carnage are the celebrities of the present in motion and destroy decks respectively, each of that are two of probably the most distinguished decks within the meta proper now. Because of this, they’re extremely deserving of their S Tier placements… till a nerf rolls round, anyway. Angela is nicely positioned in kazoo decks however she isn’t crucial to the win situation, whereas the identical goes for Wolverine in destroy decks.

On the different finish of the desk, Domino has the identical problem as Quicksilver in that she takes up a priceless spot for a extra essential card, and Shocker has no skills in anyway. Forge offers the following card you play +2 energy however when he solely has 1-power himself and there’s normally a extra optimum 2-cost card to play, he will get positioned in C Tier. Lizard options down there as a result of it’s normally simple to counter, and Mister Sinister may supply 4-power for 2-cost, however unfold throughout two playing cards, that’s underwhelming and takes up a priceless spot at a location.

3-cost tier listing

Playing cards
S Tier Hulk Buster, Deathlok
A Tier Captain America, Woman Sif, The Punisher, Wolfsbane
B Tier Bishop, Cosmo, Physician Unusual, Sword Grasp, Mister Unbelievable
C Tier Groot, Morph, Ironheart
D Tier Cyclops

The sooner you play Hulk Buster, the higher, so long as you’ve obtained a card down you wish to merge it with. It retains the skills of the randomly chosen card it merges with, frees up an additional spot at that location since you solely have one card as a substitute of two, and in motion decks particularly, enjoying A number of Man into Hulk Buster is game-winning. Deathlok does the identical in destroy decks, as he can obliterate Bucky Barnes, Wolverine, Nova, and different playing cards that profit from self-destruction.

Cyclops has no skills so picks up the tail finish of the listing, and whereas it’s enjoyable to run Ironheart in an Odin deck for a number of buffs, the dearth of energy and random nature of her choice makes her fairly inconsistent. Groot is /high quality/, however Star Lord has the identical impact for a less expensive price, making him a bit extra versatile. In the meantime Morph additionally suffers from inconsistency, and certain gained’t profit your deck archetype.

4-cost tier listing

Playing cards
S Tier
A Tier Ka-Zar, White Queen, Enchantress, Miles Morales
B Tier Namor, Jessica Jones
C Tier Moon Lady, Robust Man
D Tier The Factor

Up to now, no 4-drop in Marvel Snap has solidified itself as an S Tier card. Ka-Zar is essential for kazoo decks – the archetype is called after him, in any case – however for those who don’t draw Ka-Zar, Blue Marvel and Captain America can do the legwork so he’s not important. White Queen is robust with 6-power however has an underwhelming capability, whereas Enchantress is just helpful in On Reveal decks. Miles Morales Spider-Man is affordable for those who handle to maneuver considered one of your playing cards on the flip earlier than – so combines properly with Nightcrawler, the very best 1-drop – however usually you’re simply enjoying him for his unique price.

In the meantime, Moon Lady and Robust Man are each very situational as a result of it’s concurrently exhausting to eliminate /all/ your playing cards in your hand to buff Robust Man, even whenever you play a kazoo deck with low-cost playing cards, and when there’s a seven-card restrict in your hand, getting mileage out of Moon Lady besides to buff Satan Dinosaur is troublesome. Additionally, The Factor has no skills, in order that decide speaks for itself.

5-cost tier listing

Playing cards
S Tier White Tiger, Blue Marvel
A Tier Klaw, Spider-Lady, Gamora
B Tier Iron Man, Satan Dinosaur
C Tier Professor X
D Tier Abomination

Whereas White Tiger declines in recognition as you climb the ladder, enjoying her on flip 5 into Odin earlier than the sport ends is a devastating blow to your opponent, particularly if one location is full so you possibly can assure the place the tiger goes. In the meantime, Blue Marvel has a comparatively low energy for the fee, however so long as you’re enjoying a deck that depends on getting playing cards down, the ensuing buff to all of your playing cards in play is large.

Spider-Lady and Gamora might arguably be positioned in S Tier as a result of their skills are very highly effective, however they’re additionally barely extra situational and depend on your opponent doing sure issues: having a lot of playing cards in a single location for Spider-Lady or enjoying a card in a selected location on the flip you play Gamora. Abomination has no skills, so turns into backside tier by default, and Professor X may be very situational certainly, because it’s very simple to waste a flip with him defending a location you had been sure to win anyway.

6-cost tier listing

Playing cards
S Tier Odin, Onslaught
A Tier Spectrum, Apocalypse, Heimdall
B Tier America Chavez
C Tier Hulk
D Tier

Odin and Onslaught are like yin and yang, as a result of the previous triggers all On Reveal results once more, whereas the latter doubles the ability of Ongoing results. Each are equally as highly effective, so long as you’re enjoying decks with a lot of one impact or the opposite. Heimdall not being S Tier could shock some, however there are two essential causes for that. He can definitely win the sport from a shedding place for a motion deck, however he’s additionally not important to the deck, as playing cards like Cloak can do the identical job, albeit not fairly as successfully. It’s additionally extremely exhausting to calculate precisely how a lot energy you’ll be left with after enjoying Heimdall on a busy board, so that you usually end up simply enjoying him in a hail mary style relatively than figuring out precisely the place he’s greatest.

Apocalypse and Spectrum are each extraordinarily highly effective of their respective decks, and whereas America Chavez could appear just like Quicksilver and Domino, since you draw her /final/, she makes it so that you solely have a pool of 11 playing cards to attract from and arrange combos. An enormous assist if the win situation to your deck revolves round decrease price playing cards. Hulk additionally has no skills in anyway, however relatively than being backside of the barrel materials, his 12 energy means he can swing a single location your manner on the very finish of the sport, relatively than being fully ineffective.

That’s all you should learn about our Marvel Snap tier listing for all of the playing cards in Pool 1. It’s an thrilling time to be enjoying this card sport, however for those who fancy one thing else with an identical theme, try our greatest superhero video games listing.

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